August 23, 2010

Quick thoughts for a Monday

Working on my quarterly forecast.  I have to get it in the mail by tomorrow for a Wednesday delivery to the muckity-mucks at corporate. I have only know it was due for about four weeks..

had a Salisbury steak TV dinner for lunch.  This is the first in about a month.  I used to eat at least one of these babies every week.  It tasted like dog food. I don't think the taste has changed, I am just sick of eating them.

The Cubbies really came up big for Pinella's last game. F-ing losers. F-ing Cubs.

Bought the wife a new iPad Friday.  It is way cool.

saw a poll over the weekend that says Bush is more popular than The Obama in some key Democrat districts. Wow, how low can it get for The Obama?

A recent study showed that young drivers who take driver's education classes are more likely to have a wreck. Some would conclude the State and school efforts to educate students do not work. The people at the state see the study as a need for the state to take over the curriculum and for the driving age to be increased. Everything in life is a contest between more government vs. less government. A sane person would say letting a dad teach his son or daughter to drive works better than the school (public or private) teaching kids to drive. A libtard sees the need for more government control.

Sometimes, when the boss is talking to me it sounds just like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon --Whah waa, waa whaa wah.

Hud is a damn good movie.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, the Cubs really gave it the old college try.

Too bad it was an MLB game.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Bush is more popular than The Obama in some key Democrat districts."
He'll probably blame THAT on Bush as well!

Cappy said...

Quarterly forecast - no problem. The Cubs will still suck next quarter.

Ralphd00d said...

I feel safer knowing we taught our daughter to drive, rather than someone hired, and bored with their job.

And "HUD" is a great movie!

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