August 18, 2010

Today's Earworm

We can cha a a a nge the world

Too bad the Chicago police did not bust a few more heads, those hippe mofos would not be screwing up the country today. Isn't it funny how the Chicago police get the bad rap in history, the press, and even in this punk's little video when it comes to the '68 Democrat Convention? I wrote a term paper in college about the Chicago Seven. My 1968 graduate of Berkley professor did not like it much. Unfortunately for him I presented the facts.  In those days I could actually write, so my narrative was entertaining. I did not give the favorable view of the rioters, so he argued with me, but I cited sources and got an A-. I deserved better and he knew it. I wish I still had that paper.Just a quick note to correct history as presented here.  JFK was long dead by the Democratic Convention of 1968. He was not turning the other ear, it had likely rotted off by this point.
Put on your love beads, slap on a pair of sandals and relive the good old days. I personally like the live version from the CSNY live album 4 Way Street better.

Rules and regulations, who needs 'em...


Ralphd00d said...

I was surprised you didn't comment about: 1) Chicago 2) Wasn't Obama having something to do with this city/state? 3) "Change"?? Who said that alot? 4) Democratic PArty = riots in the street = "change"

Joe said...


I set 'em and you knock 'em down.

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