September 6, 2010

Friday Five Holiday Edition on a Monday

I was listening to the old iPod last night and the little electronic jukebox played Turn the Page from Bob Seger's classic live album "Live Bullet". There are some great live recordings out there, so let us offer a list of five all-time classic live albums. Here are some of my favorite live recordings, in no particular order:

The Who                               Live at Leeds
Johnny Cash                          At Folsom Prison
Allman Brothers                     Live at Fillmore East
Frank Sinatra                         Sinatra at the Sands
Led Zeppelin                         The Song Remains the Same

Since I am the man making the list, I will not limit myself to five. Here a few more of my favorites:

Yes                                      Yessongs
Simon and Garfunkle             Concert in the Park
Peter Frampton                     Frampton Comes Alive
Bob Seger                            Live Bullet

What do you think are the five best live albums of all time? Come on, play along in the comments. If you do not comment, cats in heat will stand beneath your bedroom window. Babies will cry. Puppies will look at you with that head-cocked sad-eyed look. Buddhist Monks will set themselves on fire. Play along or Nancy Pelosi will do a strip tease at your next birthday. Flowers will die. Your Grandma will be sad. If you fail to comment fat guys in thongs will haunt your dreams. Come on, join in the fun. Do it for the baby seals, for the starving kids in India/Africa/Tibet/Mongolia/Thailand.  If you offer your opinion Catherine Zeta-Jones might come to your house wearing a French Maid outfit. The old Spice guy might come and clean your bathroom, ladies. The risk is low, the rewards are high.

Don't make me beg.


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

All good choices, but to add #5 to your 2nd list of 4,I would include the Dave Matthews Band - Central Park Concert. Although I completely disagree with his politics, that was one "get down" performance. They are tight.

Anonymous said...

Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1
You missed this one.

James Old Guy

dragonlady474 said...

Aerosmith-Live Bootleg
Iron Maiden- Live After Death
Judas Priest- Unleashed in the East
Cheap Trick- Live at the Budokan

Ed Bonderenka said...

Can't think of one you haven't mentioned.
Frampton first came to mind, then Live at Leeds.
Yessongs put me to sleep at the concert, or was it the weed?
Neil Young: Freedom

Cappy said...

Several of us are waiting with tire irons in the parking lot for the Old Spice guy.

Joe said...

I console myself Cappy, with the knowledge the Old Spice dude has likely taken so many steroids to get that wshboard gut that his dick is merely a shriveled slug. His balls are like peas in a gunny sack.

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