September 30, 2010

Na na na na nahna nah nut

Today is my youngest boy's birthday. He is 17. He is a young man, but still my little boy.  I try not to let him know I feel that way. All he wants for his birthday is a new stereo for his car, one that allows him to play his iPod over the stereo. Too bad his car is still in the shop.  We do not yet have a price tag or completion date for rebuilding/replacing the transmission. I guess we will give him the money for the new stereo and he can buy the stereo when his car finally decides to come home.

I got up early to make him a hot breakfast. We are going out to dinner to one of his favorite places tonight. His brother, sister and brother-in-law will be joining us.  It will be a joint celebration, since his older brother has a birthday tomorrow. Last year we went to where B (the older boy) wanted to go.  Since the oldest boy is away at college, it is hard to get together multiple times.

Keep in mind the above when I post tomorrow. It will not be a rerun.  Different day, different kid's birthday.


Fred said...

Wishing them both happy days.

dragonlady474 said...

A Happy Birthday to them both.

Rita said...

I vote Fujiyama's.

linda said...

You're a good dad, HB!

Jerry in Texas said...

Best Buy has a basic stereo with USB port for around $100. They will install it for a small fee, and will re-install the original stereo (if you want to sell the car) if you show proof of purchase at Best Buy. I just had this done.

Happy Birhtday to the boy!

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