November 5, 2010

Dear Liberals/Progressives/Democrats

Those of you believe the election results were about "throwing out the incumbent" should take The Obama's advise and look at science and facts. How many incumbent Republicans lost their re-election bid?  How many conservative Republicans lost their re-election bid (0). How many State legislatures changed hands? Of those that changed, how many went from Democrat-controlled to Republican controlled?  How many went from Republican controlled to Democrat controlled(0). This election was not an anti-incumbent referendum.

I would like to offer a friendly Post Script to the republican Party. This was also not about you.  The Rovian faction led directly to the election of The Obama. The American people want a return to fiscal sanity. They do not want big-government programs and earmarks. It is time to cut, and nothing -- not even Defense-- is sacred. The Defense Department has ballooned out of control, it is top heavy and social program heavy. If the program does not directly support our combat troops now or in the future it can and should be cut. Find that waste The Obama claimed was rampant if Medicare and Medicaid and use it to cut the deficit. There is no longer a third rail. If you, the Republican leadership, do not have the cojones to do the job, The People will find a third party that will. The Whigs disappeared because they had become indistinguishable from the 1850's Democrats.  Let history be a lesson.

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