November 12, 2010

D'ja miss me?

A belated THANK YOU to our veterans. I was travelling most of yesterday and did not have access to the 'puter.  I thought I had prescheduled an appropriate 11/11 post, but it did not go off as planned.  Such is my life.

I spent the week in the corporate mushroom factory (you know the joke -- kept in the dark, fed a lot of shit). Four days, and I made a 20 minute presentation.  It seems like a good use of time to me.  Really, this meeting was good better than usual. On Wednesday night we took a dinner cruise around Manhattan.  It was most excellent, since I have only seen the place from the air or driving across the Bronx to get to the GW Bridge. We started around mid-town on the west side (near where Chesty landed the plane in the Hudson) and circled around to the Williamsburg bridge.   We then turned around and and went back with a side trip to go around the Statue of Liberty.  Awesome sight.  I have only seen the Lady from the air or from the Jersey highways. Too bad I left my camera at home and only had my shitty iPhone camera. I do have a lot of blurry photos of the Statue and the bright city lights and a couple of the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the local tried to sell me the bridge, but he would not take a check. My bad luck, I guess.  I had some most awesome views of The City, Brooklyn and Jersey (Hoboken?).

I am definitely going to have to come back in the summer and take the trip out to Ellis island and the Statue. I would also like to see Grant's Tomb someday.

In other news, I am not one to get caught up in other people's weight.  Unlike some of my intolerant Progressive occasional readers, I do not think there is any correlation between fat and intellect.  I will say that if you are so fat you have to back off the shuttle bus, you probably outta put down that donut. Beep, beep, beep...

It is Friday, already and I am so far behind on work and bloggity stuff. But I have taken time from my precious sleep (yes the time stamp is accurate on this post) to get caught up in my obligations to you. I hope you appreciate the things I do to bring you limited entertainment and that sort of creepy internet peeping tom view of my pathetic life.


Fred said...

I only get caught up in people's weight if they get caught up in my smoking habit, or anything else that's none of their damned business.

Or if they have a big friggin' mouth and think the world wants/needs to hear it.


Anonymous said...

What the hell, you must be sleeping in, slacker.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

I noticed some of our liberal friends didn't even post a screw you vets posts.

James Old Guy

KeesKennis said...

Just ask Erica for some pics and I will photoshop your mug into those photos. No need to waste precious resources, like time, you could be drinking, I mean.

Glad that you a good time.

Joe said...

Keesie, you are a genius. By this method I could visit every tourist spot in th eworld. I could climb Mt Everest, visit Roarke's Drift, The Great Wall, Hawaii, Machu Pichu...all while getting hammered in my own living room.

I offer an internet toast of the bottle in your direction. Cheers!

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