November 7, 2010

Ramblin man

Good morning blogtastic world. Did you remember to reset your clocks? The good news is now the sun is up around 7:00 am instead of 8:00, but it will now get dark at 5:30 in the evening. It is now time for the requisite twice a year whine.  I hate resetting the clocks.  I do not see the point of DST. If it really saved energy (it doesn't), wouldn't we want to have as much daylight in the evening during the time of year when it gets dark the earliest? Aren't we doing this backward? This is one program from My Man Mitch that I hate.

We went and visited some friends last night. My buddy and I sat outside and smoked a couple of fine stogies while the ladies went to the mall. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I could have.  It was colder than heck outside (upper 30s maybe low 40s). On the bright side, I did not have to worry about my beer getting warm! Later we met up with the wives for a nice dinner and then we went back to their house and played some cards.  As usual, the men kicked the ladies ass in Euchre. All in all; a good Saturday. The funny thing is, we rarely do things with other people. Yesterday, right after we made these arrangements, another couple called and asked us out for dinner. We had two invitations in less than five minutes. I guess we might have something to do for next week now.

I have a long week ahead of me.  Posting will likely be light. I have to be at the airport for a 7:00 am flight.  That means I have to be out of here no later than 4:30, probably 4:15. I will have to shower and finish packing, so that means I am looking at getting up by3:15 or so. What a good way to start a week of endless droning meetings -- tired as hell. The regimented schedule and carb-heavy meals are going to play hell with my medical needs. Even getting in my daily workout is going to be tough.

Boo hoo for me.  Enough already. I hope your Sunday is going well.

Here are a couple of NFL predictions. Colts lose a squeaker to the Iggles. They have just too many injuries. The Bears lose to the up-to-now winless Bills. That offensive line for the Bears is truly offensive. You know as the game goes on Cutler will become desperate and make some bad decisions.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Way I remember it (from my youth) was that it was for the tourism industry (Michigan). Later daylight for outdoor activity.
You guys play Euchre? Cool.

dragonlady474 said...

My God I haven't played Euchre in ages! Used to be pretty good at it. Haven't really heard anyone talk about it here.

Anonymous said...

Good call on the Colts game. Almost a good call on the Bears game.

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