December 2, 2010

Dear Progressives and Liberals

I will type this slow, so you liberals can better understand.

1. Extending the current tax rates is not giving anyone a tax cut. Not the undefined "rich", not millionaires -- NO ONE. If you are currently paying 13% of your income in taxes and next year you will pay 13% of your income in taxes -- that is not a reduction nor a "cut". By the same extension, if you increase the budget for a favorite Federal Program, but not by as much as you originally had planned -- that is not a "cut".

2. If, by some chance, I were to have my taxes lowered, the Government is not "giving me a tax cut". They are giving me nothing but my own money.  A tax cut means the Government is taking less from me. It is my money -- not Washington's. This is a fundamental fact the progressives out there cannot comprehend -- wealth belongs to the individual -- not the Government. If you are in the 40-plus percent of people who do not pay income taxes, any "refund" you get is not a refund, but rather the Government took money from me and gave it to you. It is not possible to get a refund on something for which you did not pay. Robin Hood was a thief and a fucking Commie bastard. There is no free lunch and I am getting sick of picking up the tab.

3. Maybe we should, maybe we should not extend Unemployment Benefits. We could likely pay for the extension through the unused TARP or stimulus funds.  Maybe GM could use some of its IPO money to pay you and I the money they got. In any case unemployment compensation does not create jobs. It does not put money into the economy. That money was taken out of the economy when it was taken from me and my employer. See Number two above.

4. Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush all cut taxes. The result was higher tax receipts to the Government. GDP increased and unemployment was reduced. The Laffer economic theory has been tried four times. It has worked all four times. The Keynesian model has failed every time it has been used. Government spending does not improve the economy. The Government cannot produce money. It can only print money -- which devalues the currency, or they can take it from me and you in the form of taxes. See Number two above.

5. The Government cannot create jobs in the private sector. Any Government Job is created by taking wages and money from you and I and giving it to someone else. A business does not pay taxes. It passes those costs to the consumer.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

99.44% correct.
The "Robin Hood" legend leftists and socialists love to fawn and swoon over was of an INDIVIDUAL who got tired of incompetent bureaucracy and tyranny and "stole" nothing but that which church and state had already plundered, and gave it back to the people: As usual, the lefTARDs either got it backwards through ignorance or more likely twisted it for propaganda purposes.
The modern misconception became popular when Franklin Delano Khazakhvelt was President...Go figure!?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

As a corollary to #4: Government cannot create wealth. All it can do is expand the money supply. Only individuals can create wealth.

dragonlady474 said...

Again HB, if you were running for President, I'd vote for you.

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