December 30, 2010

Friday Five. Holiday Week/Thursday edition

I know, I am excited too.

It is trivia time! Answer these trivia questions in the comments. No fair using search engines or encyclopedias, research materials etc. You on your best Boy Scout and Girl Scout honor here, no cheating.

1. In what movie did the characters of Ma and Pa Kettle make their debut?

2. In the TV Show M*A*S*H, what is Frank Burns home town?

3. In what was the city the TV series One Day at A Time set?

4. Cheers bartender Woody Boyd came from what town?

5. Where was Steve McQueen born?

bonus: what is the common theme to each answer?

Have fun. No cheating.


Ralphd00d said...

1 - don't know
2 - Evansville, In (I know IN)
3 - Indianapolis
4 - Hanover
5 - guessing somewhere in Indiana
theme - things to do with Indiana?

Jerry in Texas said...

I think Ralphd00d knew all the ones that I didn't:

1) The Egg & I (starring Fred MacMurray)

5) Beech Grove, IN

Freddie said...

All I knew was that Steve McQueen was (is?) a Hoosier.

And a pretty hot one too, if you asked me.

Or maybe it was the cars that were always so hot...


Jean said...

theme: Indiana runneth amuck.

Rita said...

Answering before I look at the other comments.

3. Logansport. Or was that where their dad lived?

4. Anderson?

Ok, now I'll look at the other's answers above.

I remember The Egg and I, but don't remember the Indiana connection.

And you left out the other question.

6. Where were Buffy, Jodie and Cissy from? And they continually mispronounced the name.

Joe said...

1. The movie was the Egg and I, Ma Kettle, played by Marjorie Main was from Acton, Indiana.

2. Frank Burns was from Fort Wayne.

3. One day at a time was set in Indianapolis

4 Woody hailed from Hanover, INdiana

5. Steve McQueen was born in Beech Grove, INdiana

6.I don't know that one Rita.

Ralphd00d said...

Fort Wayne... I don't know why Evansville popped into my head.

Rita said...

HB: Can't believe you don't know the Buffy Cissy Jodie answer.

I'll answer it the way they did.

Terra Hut.

Drove us crazy as kids. I mean, if you're gonna use some town, at least say the name right.

OK, just for fun, how many people know the correct pronunciation of Loogootee, IN and what basketball record is it known for?

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