December 27, 2010

If it is Monday I think it is a vacation day

Good morning readers.  Did you catch Manning doing his Michael Vick impersonation at the end of the Colts-Raiders game? I do not think his plaque at Canton will compare him to the Galloping Ghost.

I am up and at 'em early this morning.  No matter, I can catch a nap after while. It is OK, as the post title indicates I am on vacation this week.  I entered December with five days left and our company has a "use them or lose them" policy. So here I am screwing around on the Internet.

I got 20 free eBooks loaded yesterday.  I also bought a book I was wanting.  I have plenty of reading to hold me through the cold winter.

I hope you guys out east are stocked up on bread, milk and eggs. Everyone knows there is an endless need to make French Toast when there is a big snow storm.  That must be true.  The stores are always emptied of those items whenever the Snow Team/Scare Team goes into panic mode around here.


Jean said...

Titles. We want titles!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I still don't understand the thinking behind "use it or loose it". In my line, you never know whether you'll be required to work between the holidays or be laid off. So you save a few days, then you have to work. And then the boss sez he'll make 'em up, which he does.

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