December 23, 2010


Eating alone sucks as any single person or frequent traveler like me can attest. There is only one advantage: you can overhear some interesting conversations. This evening the wife was off finishing the Christmas shopping and the boy was at a wedding rehearsal and I hit the grocery and WalMart. I stopped at the local fried chicken emporium for a quick supper. Two guys and a couple of kids sat in the booth behind me.

Kid one asked kid two if they had a Christmas tree? Kid two replied they had two. Adult with kid two said this was the last year for that. Adult one wanted to know why.

"Two reasons. One, the white one won't light no more. It is out"

"You cain't replace the lights?" asked Adult one.

"No, it is whatchacallit, pre light bulb"

(HB: candles?)

"Two" said adult two, "with five people, two dogs, and a cat, the trailer is just too crowded to have two Christmas trees".



dragonlady474 said...

LOL! We had one of those pre-lit jobbies, and when one light goes, they all go. And then how the hell are you supposed to find out which one is responsible??

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

They could go back to Necktucky or REBessee and probably rent TWO trailers in Apalachia for what their welfare checks are getting them here.

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