December 17, 2010

Pygmy Sex -- with extreme close ups!

So it is Friday. I still do not have any of my Christmas shopping done; maybe this weekend. To be honest, I only have to buy for the wife, she takes care of everyone else. Much of that is done.

I had to go get some blood drawn this morning. No problem.

I am trying to get things wound down at work, Monday is my last day until January 3! Whoo hoo, it is good to be me. That is why I am not stressing too much about shopping.  I can hit the mall early next week and be in and out with only small crowds to hamper me. Have I mentioned I hate people? I try extra hard to be extra nice at Christmas time though. Except for the asshole at Target last week who was clearly wanting to look at the Kindle I was playing with. He kept giving me the "hurry up" death glare. he paced behind me, snorting and sighing. I took my time. He left and came back just as I was about to put the sample unit down and gave me another big sigh. I decided to read one of the sample books. Does that make me a jerk? Finally he came up and actually leaned into me and started looking at the unit over my shoulder. His rudeness outpaced mine so I gave in. he won by actually touching me. I hate to be touched.

I see the House has passed the Tax bill.  I still do not understand how they can pass a revenue bill from the Senate. maybe a lawyer-type can help me out. For this poor moderately-educated boy from Indiana the Constitution seems pretty clear.

Isn't it ironic the Democrats in Congress and The Obama have all voted to continue ANOTHER GW Bush policy? For a guy who was so wrong on every front -- tax cuts, Afghanistan, WOT, Wire taps, Patriot Act, Iraq, Guantanamo, etc. -- it sure seems like many of Bush's policies are continued by the current dipshits in charge.  I am just sayin'.

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dragonlady474 said...

ROFL! Hey HB, we should Christmas shop together. I friggin' HATE Christmas shopping and all the rude assholes a person has to come into contact with. We could tag team the bastards and get some revenge.
ROFL@ the kindle situation!!

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