January 22, 2011

A bit of this, a bit of that

Here is a new blog you should check out:  click here.

Keef Odormann is gone from MSNBC. I am sure Bush and Cheney are somehow responsible. Who the hell am I going to laugh at now?

Cappy, your comment links do not work.  Surely you have studied that old navel enough by now? You storin' corn in that thing, or what?

I am kind of getting tired of the cold. Shovelling the drive is not an adventure, it is a chore. It could be a lot worse I could live in Upstate NY or in Wisconsin or Freddieland.  But I have just about had it with static electricity. My shirts stick to me, my coat snaps and crackles.  Sparks fly in the bed -- and I am not talking about romance. Kissing my wife sends an electric shock to my toes. What is weird, it just seems to be me.  The boy has no issues, the wife sleeps in flannel for goodness sake. I in my cotton shorts and T-Shirt send electric current through the air like some mutant superhero.

I wish I could say I have big plans for the weekend.  I don't. I may get around to putting the boxed up Christmas stuff away. It is now sitting in the garage and needs to be moved to the shed. I could have done it when it was a little warmer.  Or the one weekend there was not snow on the ground. Why look back and cry over what might have been?

I hope you have a good Saturday anyway. And NO gettin' laid. You are all cut off until I get some. Do you hear me?

Stop that. Really.

I mean it. I swear you people do not pay any more attention to my dictates than my kids.



Fred said...

Ha! I was reading this post. And I had just read the sixth paragraph from the bottom (maybe try a humidifier?) when the phone rang (and I thank you for the link my friend, though I'm trying to ignore the single digit temp and the blowing snow today ;).

It was T-man. He and Sunshine had to go out this morning. Poor them. It was him calling. And although we weren't technically "gettin' laid" on the phone, we SURE WERE thinkin' about it.

Then I came back and read the rest.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya though, as always.

(Yeah. We may have shitty weather, but we also know how to make the best of it.)

CnC said...

I see there are a lot of us in mourning over this huh Joe? haha

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is that cotton/POLYESTER?. That'll make the sparks fly. You could spray 'em with static guard or use more bounce in the dryer.
Dude, buy her flowers. Maybe you'll get lucky.

dragonlady474 said...

I just realized that we practically had the same name for our post today. Great minds and all that.

Joe said...

Heck, maybe I stole it -- unconciously of course...

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