January 29, 2011

I went for a walk on a winter's day

Hower yew? It is a fine Saturday winter morning. It might actually get above freezing today according to the  weather girl. But just barely. I have no worries, more winter is on the way. This winter is like those I remember as a kid; snow on the ground all of the time, refreshed every few days. It has been cold, constantly in the teens and twenties, but we have not had the Arctic subzero stuff too much so far. I hope I did not speak too soon! There is a lot of winter yet before spring arrives in its green and flowery glory.

It looks like I will not attend the World's Most Boring Trade Show this year. While I enjoy a few days of Florida weather each February, working the show is such a drain I am not sure the sunshine trade off is worth it. That is a comment on the tedium of this show. I would rather stay in the snow and cold than work that event.

As you can tell by the preceding paragraphs I really have nothing worthwhile to offer today. There are some who might say that is a normal for this pathetic journal. Some days I miss my pathetic misguided trolls. I am sure Josh and Dave have somehow found a secret link blaming Fox News and Sarah Palin for the riots in Egypt.

Perhaps I should leave it at that and wish you a happy Saturday.


CnC said...

That song California Dreamin you ref. in your title has been playin in my head this morning Joe, gotta leave sunny Fl and head back to Indy tonight, damn the luck, Hopefully to just 6 more weeks of winter, C&C

Ed Bonderenka said...

Happy Saturday, all around.

Anonymous said...

72 here tomorrow

James Old Guy

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