January 31, 2011

At least there will be plenty of ice to make my drinks

It appears a big-ass storm is heading our way.  Many of you are in the cross hairs targeted in the bulls eye might get hit may be subjected to the storm too. Sorry for the repeated rephrasing, I do not want to be Palinized (blamed) if any acts of violence occur in the next three years in the storm area.

As of today, the StormTeam/ScareTeam says we are going to be walloped with beaucoup ice. I would much rather have a foot of snow. Right now my biggest concern is if we lose power. I have always hated the house is totally electric (except the fireplace). We can keep warm, but without power we have no way to cook except on the fireplace.  I suppose I should go refill the grill this afternoon. I think the Coleman stove has some fuel. I just have to find it!  In the end we will survive. We have plenty of food -- just no way to cook it. I did not spend all of those years as a Boy Scout for nothing.  If an Eagle Scout cannot find a way to prepare food, I should pack up that gaudy red/white/blue ribbon and send it back.

I am supposed to head off to the Windy City Tuesday for a customer visit. It just may not happen. The Chi-town area is forecasted for a couple of feet of snow. As an older and wiser man, driving in such conditions is just not worth it -- especially for a sales call that does not have to be made.  It is just a routine visit, no critical issues are at stake.

Be safe and remember spring is just a couple of months away.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Indiana I where I grew up. Damn you AL GORE!!!


Jean said...

Hot dogs and marshmallows...for cooking in the fireplace.

Fred said...

Yeah. Given the choice: ice or snow - I'd take the snow any day.

"...spring is just a couple months away."

From your ...fingers to God's ears!

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