February 2, 2011

Windy Wednesday

All said, things could have been worse.  We have about an inch of ice on everything. The drive is as smooth and white as a skating rink. A layer of frozen rain covered the sleet. It is smooth and slick.  Perhaps the neighbors hit the whole addition with a Zamboni machine in the night? The howling winds would have covered the noise. We did not lose power (yet), but some people on the next street did. Sucks to be them.

The local fishwrap was not at the end of the drive. Likely it was not delivered due to the weather. We got off easy -- The Windy City is getting hammered.


Freddie said...

Hey. I was just wondering. How does that work? Do you get snow days when you work from home?

Joe said...

I though about sending an email to the corporate office saying the office would be closing early due to the weather, but I decied that either they would not find it nearly as funny as I did, or they would not get it.

The commute across the house was treacherous though.

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