February 3, 2011

Balance the budget

John Stossel for President. Beats the hell out of any of the proposed candidates so far.

Read this.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Pretty good stuff.
But I'm not sure we should cave on drugs, just because it's a hard job.
legalization = advertising enticement

Greybeard said...

Couldn't disagree more, Ed.
Take the money out of drugs and you do away with most of the major problems...
There'd be no more Pablo Escobars, for instance. There'd also be no more cops with half their skull and 1/4 of their brain gone because of a helicopter accident during a crack-house recon. (It's an ugly thing to see, obviously. He died, leaving a wife and two kids behind.)

Is Stossel running?
(I wish.)

mlah said...

can we just legalize pot? pretty much everything else i can agree with. i've been championing the dissolution of the depts of education and homeland defense for a while.

there is no provision allowing for the fed govt to run a dept of education. and homeland defense? that's the dod. duplication of effort.

the dept of the air force needs to be pushed back into the dept of the army.

gut the dept of energy. i could handle keeping it, as long as the remainder is actually running a Manhattan project type thing actually looking for a new source of energy, vice just paying lip service to the goal, like SnoBama.

Greybeard said...

What HE said.

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