February 9, 2011

Egyptian Waffles

We all have that mental picture of the hardy frontiersman holding a wet finger aloft to gauge the wind before making that long shot on the dusky heathen hidden in the distant rocks. Except no marksman of repute would even bother with the wet finger technique. Assessing the wind with a finger to the air serves as no guideline to the wind across the valley or even a few dozen yards away.

In a similar fashion you never see an NFL placekicker do the finger to the wind experiment. It is the inexperienced and novice that resorts to such amature tactics.

Holding a finger to the wind does not work in determining ballistics and it will not serve as an effective tool in foreign policy. The Obama Administration has no idea how to handle the various crises in the Mideast, so they change their position daily depending on the prevailing winds. Except by the time the Obamaites have placed the policy making finger to test the wind, the politics of the moment have changed, making all involved look like bumbling armature fools.

We should not be surprised the key players in the administration have no clue on foreign policy. None have management or decision making skills. Obama has no experience running anything except a campaign. Biden is a career politician and Hillary has no foreign policy expertise of any kind. Yes, her husband was President, but that in no way makes her qualified. My wife has been married to me nearly 27 years.  I would not venture to claim she could discuss the merits of my widgets to a prospective customer. That is not a slam against the love of my life, but rather pointing out the obvious fact that one does not gain skills through osmosis. Or, in Hillary's case, even sleeping in a bedroom down the hall from the President. She did manage the Bill's Bimbos Eruption Team during the campaign, but that left her ill-prepared to handle current global crises. I am not sure how she is going to blame Egypt on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy when it seems Obama's old leftist buddies from the Weathermen and Code Pink are among the groups stirring up the trouble in Cairo.

The Obama serves us a side of Egyptian Waffles everyday simply because he does not have the ability to manage the situation.  Taking hard decisions and looking out for America's best interest is so far from his mind, his beliefs and his skill set, that the very idea is impossible. The Obama cannot solve the Egyptian issue by apologizing or blaming Bush. He is out of answers. The playbook is empty.  He did not learn how to assuage allies while encouraging terrorists and be always on the winning side at Community Organizer School.

But not to worry, I am sure Michelle can solve the food crisis in Egypt by advising them to just eat more broccoli. It is clear the starving poor are not getting proper nutrition.

As for the domestic front. all it takes is a little more spread the wealth rhetoric, a few more Government give-aways and we can all be happy. No need for the private sector to create jobs when our largess comes from the Government. Broccoli?  Heck let 'em eat cake.


CnC said...

can I get an amen?

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Well said, and sadly, 0bama and his mob do not have a clue about much of anything...I agree, the playbook is empty, and that scares the shit outta me.

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