February 18, 2011

Here in flyover country

I am back from my quick 24 hour sojourn in Gotham City. The visit lasted 23 hours and 56 minutes too long. Weird, the traffic in Chicago is worse than what I usually face in New York, but I hate the New York visits so much more. Perhaps I am more familiar with the Windy City? I had a great view of the Mall and Monuments as I connected through Reagan Airport yesterday afternoon.

Flying still sucks. As I sat in various airports this week I tried to do a quick addition. I think I have now made over 600 commercial flights. I am estimating on the low side. In reality it is probably more in the 700 range. I have never done an actual count and it is too late to start now. That total is way less than a lot of business travelers and far more than most people. At least I am long past the days of 100 plus flights a year. If I travelled like that now, I would blow my brains out. Undressing at the airport, emptying the bags for the TSA -- what a pain. And sadly, does anyone really feel any safer for the remarkable inconvenience? There is no greater example of the idiocy of Governmental policies than airport screening. Does anyone remember the days of the Unibomber when screeners would ask you if you had guns or bombs in your bag? Like I would admit it if I did.

It is Friday, and that counts for something.  I am off for the Monday Holiday so I have a three day weekend to look forward to. It is warm today, in the low fifties. It would be nice to get in a good cigar, but I doubt it is going to happen.  I have a desk full of work to get done.  In addition, I have already broken my New Years Resolution to do my expenses in a timely fashion. I  still haven't done my January receipts, forget February. I believe I have mentioned how I hate doing expenses?

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