February 7, 2011

There is a broken down vehicle blocking the right lane

It is Monday and that means back to work for many of us, and back to school for the millions of kids across the nation affected by last week's snow an dice storms. The Big Game is over. I have nothing of interest to impart. Most of you will not be surprised.

I have been reading like a fiend since Christmas. I can see the Kindle so much better than old musty pages, especially paperbacks. I have finished 12 books since Christmas. That is almost two a week. Some of you probably read more, my wife has not read two books in thirty years. To each his own.

I hit the work day early today.  My burst of enthusiasm pretty much petered out by 9:00 am.  But I started with good intentions! That is what counts in today's modern, progressive society. Who cares if the social programs that bankrupt the nation do not work?  Who cares that Obamacare will increase insurance costs and make you lose your plan and cause doctors to retire by the tens of thousands?  We have good intentions!

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CnC said...

Yeah Joe and someone should tell them the road to hell is paved with good intentions

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