February 25, 2011

An uneven start

The phone rang around 5:30 this morning. It was the automatic system informing me school was on a two-hour delay. I lie (lay? -- I never could conjugate that verb) awake a few minutes and knew I was not going back to sleep. For one thing, I was sweating, the bed was hot. I realized the wife had thrown off the covers in the night, effectively giving me double blanket and sheet. I like to be cold when I sleep and the warm cocoon was just too much.

I made some coffee and fetched the paper. I read last night's emails and fired off some of my own. I watched a bit of the weather and read some blogs.

As it neared the time to start waking the family I decided to make some cinnamon rolls.

The snow and sleet have stopped, the wind howls around the eves of the house. Friday is underway.

No Democrats were bashed in making this post.


dick (yeah, that dick) said...

No Democrats were bashed in making this post.

They should've been, and I would've gone with laid. But then again, my engrish es sometimes no gud.

Joe said...

hey old buddy great to hear from you!

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