February 5, 2011

What my Brother would post if he had a blog

A young Arab asks his father, "What is that weird hat you are wearing?"

The father said, "Why, it's a 'chechia' because in the desert it protects our heads from the sun."

"And what is this type of clothing that you are wearing?" asked the young man.

"It's a 'djbellah' because in the desert it is very hot and it protects your body." said the father.

The son asked, "And what about these ugly shoes on your feet?

His father replied, "These are 'babouches', which keep us from burning our feet when in the desert."

"Tell me, Abba?" added the boy.

"Yes, my son?"

"Why are we living in Dearborn , Michigan and you're still wearing all this shit?"
From Otter. Who does not have his own blog.  And why would he? Blogging is dead. Twitter and Facebook, that is where the action is.  Except for me.  I think I am among the last inhabitants of Earth not on Facebook. Except for that one guy in Outer Mongolia. And that scary dude in the shack in Montana. And that farm couple in NW Nebraska, they don't even have the internet.  And me. None of us are on Facebook. Don't look, I am not there. I am not twittering fluttering myspacing.  This piece o' crap takes up too much time.  I do not need any more hobbies.  Just get off my back about it already.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

GOTTA love jokes about "little Falujah"!

Anonymous said...

Yep looks like Blogging is in it's death roll. At least half the blogs I used to visit are dead. Sorry not going to facebook, twitter or anything else. I don't like my damn cell phone either.

James Old Guy

CnC said...

I like that! Saw a story on Dearborn and that town is almost a lost cause. Really sad that we could lose America one town at a time.

Jean said...

Facebook sucks. Along with twishit and theirspace.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm on Facebook, but just to keep track of family, not write long rambling posts.
Dearborn has a vibrant downtown, Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village.
It was once famous for keeping blacks out, under Orville Hubbard. Who'd a thunk?
However, I feel safer in Dearborn, than Detroit.
Having said that, I have a friend who lived in an affluent neighborhood who moved because of what was happening to the housing around him. The Arabs could afford it, they just won't maintain it.
Lousy neighbors.

Otter said...

No Facebook for me either...plus I didn't see the movie!

Fred said...

Jean, you made me giggle. :)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Blogging will be back as soon as people realize that Facebook and Twitter don't actually do anything for their bottom line.

Actually I don't think blogging has actually gone anywhere. Blogging is just going through its "weeding out" phase.

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