May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there

Thanks Mom. Without you I am just some wet spot on a gravel road, or an ancient flush of the toilet. Perhaps just a stain on some sweaty sheets.

I can't believe I wrote that either. Look, I have long made my position clear.  My Mom did not do that. If she did, she sure did not enjoy it. I have to hold on to that image, thank you.  In fact, I would rather not think on it at all. Yyeewww. 

My Mom is wonderful. EOS. She can kick your ass. Trust me on this. She may only be five foot nothing tall, but she is tough as nails. Her pies will leave you weak kneed, begging for more. My Mom is a saint.

My wife is a Mom too. Three times over.  I was there for all of them. She never uttered a sound in the delivery room. The first time a lady down the hall was screaming in pain. The wife was sweating, Contractions were coming hard and fast. The only sound she made was to tell me to get the damn ice chips away from her face. "Cept she did not say "damn". She rarely cusses. Her eyes did though. I could tell she was blaming me for all the pain and trouble.

After the third one she finally figured out what caused all those babies and put a stop to it. I guess she was a slow learner. She is a great Mom.  She does not make pies, though. Her cookies are pretty dang good.

I sent my Mom some flowers. I bought my wife a new outfit at the mall last night.  That is what she wanted. I actually hit the Hallmark early last week to nab a suitable card. I bet my daughter gets the wife a card. I bet the boys don't. Even odds the oldest boy even remembers to call. Being a Mom is hard.

The youngest boy went to the Prom last evening.  He is a junior in high school. He went with a senior girl. She is pretty hot.  And mind you I say that in a strictly parental, non-anything way. I have a daughter of my own, fer goodness sake. Maybe I will post a pic later in the week.  Maybe not. He looked sharp in his tux.

It is supposed to be actual May weather around here today -- warm and no rain in the forecast. I am going to try and get the yard mowed. The boy has to work. I am going to let the wife sleep in.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there.

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