May 20, 2011

The metamorphis is complete

President Obama has finally become more Jimmah than Jimmy Carter: terrible domestic policy, worse foreign policy, an inability to take decisions, skyrocketing gas prices, inflation, unemployment, rampant anti-semitism.

How is that Democrat party vote working out for you now American Jews?

Sixty years of American Foreign Policy has been set upon its ears. Our only reliable ally in the Mid East has been sold down the river to terrorists and Muslim extremists. The President believes Israel should give up territory it gained in wars where Israel was attacked!

Mexico called, they believe we should go back to the borders pre 1848. That means California, Arizona, New Mexico all go back to Mexico, and they are still arguing about Texas.

The Cherokee and Sioux are seeking a return to pre-1492 borders.

Germans are clamoring for pre-August 1914 borders. The Russians would not mind that arrangement either.

Pressuring Israel to cede lands without any guarantees from the Palestinians is beyond poor diplomacy.  It represents a political and historical ignorance unprecedented  in any previous Administration. It demonstrates a clear Islamic bias and endangers the very existence of the Israeli State. This policy is akin to demanding China give Nanking to Japan.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

This American Jew had enough sense not to vote for Carter II. Of course he wouldn't have voted for Carter I, had he had the opportunity, either. I had a REAGAN '76 sticker on my first car.

Matt said...

and don't think that the UN won't try and force the U.S. to return land to the Indians and Mexicans

Rita said...

You forgot about the Romans.

Since I only paid attention in my school days history class enough to get good grades, I was amazed when I visited Rome two years ago and discovered how much land they ruled in Jesus' time. And they were some ruthless people. After seeing Rome and learning about the history, it gives a whole new meaning to the fireworks called "Roman Candles". They rolled Christians in grease, tied them to posts and lit them up for lighting in the streets.

But I digress. And mainly I digress because I am so sickened by so many American "tolerant" politicians and media who not only despise the Jewish people but don't even attempt to hide their anti-semitic views.

mlah said...

And the Irish want all of Europe and North Africa back!

I despise Obama in so many ways. Every day he reaches a new low.

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