May 3, 2011

My daydreams go up in smoke
I bought myself a late birthday present last week. I ordered a box of these fine El Rey del Mundo cigars. They arrived yesterday. For those of you that care, they are 6.5 x 52 at the big end. The wrapper is EMS. I like the funky trumpet shape. I also like pyramid shaped cigars these days.  The small end concentrates the smoke and gives a more defined taste, especially as the cigar gets down half way.  These guys are medium to full bodied.  I got a good deal on them  too.

The weather has been so crappy I have not enjoyed a good cigar since my quick vacation in March. It has been pretty much cold and rainy around here since the beginning of time -- or so it seems.  The few warm days we have had are filled with thunderstorms or very windy. The days it does not rain it is just too damn cold. Right now the temps are in the low forties! It is May. Enough already. We have had more than a foot of rain since the beginning of April, and it is raining as I hunt and peck the keyboard to create this post.

I just cracked open the lid on my humidor and took a deep whiff. Ahhh, the sweet smell of cedar and fine tobacco beckons me. I have plenty of high quality smokes in stock. My best buddy bought me a very nice cigar ashtray for my birthday. Now I just need Mother Nature to cooperate.

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Rae Rae said...

Enjoy your late b-day gift.

Yeah. The weather. You've put it into words quite nicely. We have no rain today (yet) but we too are cloudy and in the mid-40s.

Hang in there though. The warm is coming soon. At least, that's my new mantra.

Ashtray. Nice gift. Not so easy to find these days.

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