June 8, 2011

Just the facts

Back in the old days -- the earliest days of the brand new-formed United States of America -- there was a lot of talk about the structure of our Government.

Did you know there was serious question if the Constitution should be passed? Supporters and opponents alike wrote a series of articles arguing Pro and Con of the proposed Constitution. These articles survive as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers. They make excellent reading regarding the beliefs of the Framers of the Constitution and their vision for America.

What you probably don't realize is the primary argument against the Constitution was that it gave  too much power to the Federal Government. No one was arguing the limits placed on Federal Power were too great. The lefty/progressives of the time pushed for the limited Government espoused by today's Tea Party.

The only way the States agreed to ratify the new Constitution was if the Bill of Rights was attached. The Bill of Rights --particularly the 9th and 10th Amendments limited the power of the Feds. Individual and States rights were protected from an over -reaching Federal Government.

How far we have come. The Feds legislate individual Americans how we must spend our hard-earned wealth and dictate to States how to spend tax dollars. The Federal Government takes money from you and me to provide a free lunch to every kid under the age of 18 all summer long. The President thinks he should be able to dictate the temperature we keep our homes and the type car we are to drive. The Feds want to govern how my home is lit  and that my TV must accept a digital signal -- even if I liked analog.

Did you progressives not study history at all in school? For goodness sake, pick up a book.  Read the Federalist Papers, read the Declaration of Independence, read the Constitution.  Make a list of those nations that have been wildly successful pursuing the socialist/communist/progressive/liberal agenda.

Lefties like to pretend they are the smartest folks in the room. Really, they are just historically ignorant, power-hungry thieves. Liberals have no issue pursuing what they believe is right and good -- as long as I must pay for it.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

BTW, two-thirds of the Tea Party believe we have an obligation to keep Social(istic in)Security, Medicare & Medicaid going no matter what, they just don't want to pay for it.
Meet your modern "CONservative", who Reagan would consider a liberal Democrat!

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