June 25, 2011

Punch drunk from lack of sleep

I went to bed last night a little after 11:00 PM. I woke this morning a little after three. I puked up my supper. Unable to get back to sleep with my intestines tied in knots and my stomach churning, I turned on the television.

I surfed the channel lineup a couple of times. With nothing better to occupy the early morning hours, Errol Flynn and me went on Dawn Patrol. We nailed a bunch of the filthy Huns, shot down the evil Boches. I have been flying along with Eddie Rickenbaker during the day (Fighting the Flying Circus) and doing the same with Flynn during the night! I think I will pull out my copy of The Blue Max and give it a watch this morning.

It looks like I need to mow the lawn this weekend. I may get to that this afternoon.  The wife mentioned she had some stuff to take back to the mall.  Yard work will be a good excuse not to accompany her. Plus, since I was up a good portion of the night, I will need a nap!

I hope you have a great Saturday.

Here is a little WWI aviation photography to spur your interest. These pilots are pictured with the 94th "Hat in the Ring" squadron. Do you know what else they had in common?
Maj. John Huffer and Raoul Lufberry


Anonymous said...

I didn't get much sleep either. One of my dogs had a foot operation and I ended up sleeping on the couch with the little turd. As for your question I think both were ACE's.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

They were both born in France.

Joe said...

Yes, Both were aces, both were Americans born in France. Both served with the Lafayette Escadrille before joining the US Army Airforce in 1918, when the Yanks decided to enter the war.

Lufberry was a heck of a pilot.

Lufberry leaped from his burning plane to die rather than be burned alive. The US Army did not allow parachutes for pilots at the time.

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