June 9, 2011

Random Ramblings

Thank you Tam for the awesome Tamalanche.

I think the wife had a great birthday yesterday.

I woke about two this morning with stomach cramping.  I have crapped all morning. I knew I was full of shit, but wow. I was standing at the sink in the bathroom testing my blood when butt gravy just erupted. You know you are about to have a bad day when shit is running down your legs early in the morning. I have to get over this in the next four hours. I have an appointment this afternoon. My customer is going to figuratively shit his pants when he sees the big price increase I am going to drop on him today. We do not need me to literally shit my pants in his conference room. That would be the true definition of adding insult to injury.

I saw a picture of Cubs legend Ernie Banks at Target a few weeks ago.  I was too cheap to spend twenty bucks at the time. I have been rethinking the decision the past few days. Now it is easy -- the picture was gone last evening. Yes, I know I could go to another Target, but this way I do not have to spend the $20, and try to figure out where to hang the picture in my office. Sometimes taking no decision works for the best.

My Son-in-Law has scored us some nice tickets to the Styx/Yes show in Indianapolis next month. You long-time readers know I loves me some Yes music. I have also seen Styx a few times. This will be my first concert in about two decades. I am a little concerned about the new singer for Yes. I have heard him on snippets of their new stuff and I am on the fence. The new material sounds a lot like the Drama album -- not among my favorite Yes recordings. I am stuck pretty much in the seventies when it comes to music and my favorite Yes songs are no exception.

We have made it to Thursday. Have a great day.


mts1 said...

I just checked; you can get Ernie Banks photos all day long on eBay, most for under $10.

Joe said...

This particular image of Ernie was framed just like my big Wrigley Field picture, so it would match.

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