August 8, 2011

A big yawn post

I actually yawned when I wrote the title to this post. I am sure most of you know that if you yawn, about 50% of us will yawn also. I yawn just thinking about it.

Yesterday I trimmed the bushes in front of the house and did some general yard work. I also trimmed off some low-hanging branches from several of the trees around the compound. It was hot as Hades. When I came in my shirt and shorts were soaked with sweat. Even my tighty whiteys were wet. For some reason my fair spouse declined my request for a big hug.

I went to WalMart to do some grocery shopping. When I got there a white Dodge Durango, flecked with rust and filled with white trash people was parked right in front of the entrance. I did my shopping, including searching the store for some crap the wife wanted. I waited in a long line to check out (are there ever short lines at WalMart?). The person in front of me was paying with the food stamps debit card and had to separate the juice and milk and pay with the WIC coupons. When i left the store, my cart full, the piece of shit white Durango filled with piece of shit white people was still blocking the entrance.

While walking Saturday morning, I passed going the other way another walker.  This is not unusual in our subdivision. In fact, the person was a Japanese woman I see quite often while walking. I gave her my small wave. I mouthed 'morning. What made the encounter strange is that she was wearing long pants, a coat and a scarf (bandanna) around hr face. A black ball cap covered her hair. The temperature was in the upper 80's! She pulled down the scarf to say something as we passed on opposite sides of the street, but I had my headphones plugged in and missed what she said. Perhaps she had allergies? The outfit looked like a sure way to die of heat exhaustion.

That was my weekend.

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LeeAnn said...

The block-the-entrance-with-a-POS trend seems to be universal to Walmars. I'm wondering if the folks behind People of Walmart see that chance for expansion?
Vehicles of Walmart.

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