August 2, 2011

Dear Biker Guy

I get it, you are into the biker lifestyle. The heavy duty Harley Davidson brand boots, your leather vest emblazoned with the orange and black Harley shield, the leather doo-rag over your long gray hair all scream "I am a biker".

You lost a little credibility with the bluetooth headset and jaw mike, but I guess modern biker dudes get calls when on the road. In today's world we are all connected. I suppose it is hard to handle a cell phone when riding your iron horse.

I am no expert on biking, but watching you swagger out to the parking lot and seeing you climb..... into your conversion van -- well, I think you are the very definition of a poser.

1 comment:

dragonlady474 said...

LOL I bet he rides a Honda in real life.

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