August 1, 2011

Quick political hits

Here is what I think.  Part of the back-room budget deal our politicians just worked out will mean higher taxes for us all. It is not in the print but I suspect there has been a handshake deal to let the Bush tax cuts expire.

Politicians from both parties cannot help themselves.  The lure of spending other people's money is just too strong.

I think it hilarious The Obama was tossed a bone by Congressional leaders when they let him announce the proposed deal.  The White House has been on the outside looking in for weeks, and Obama's impotence has never been more apparent. Only a blind Democrat hack believes The Obama had a roll in this compromise. Harry Reid called the Bamster and said "Here is what WE decided". You know it, I know it, the world knows it. Our President has not looked so weak since the days the Islamic nut cases attacked our Embassy in Tehran. It is increasingly evident we are living the second term of the Carter Presidency.

In the end, this budget deal does not do much. Let us say you have racked up $140,000 in credit card bills. The mortgage company is calling, the bank is hounding you for late car payments, the credit card folks are getting mean. You try and calm them all with an announcement you have a plan. You are going to stop going to the movies, you are switching to gas station coffee instead of Starbuck's and you just bought a bunch of store brand veggies. Your grand plan is to cut spending by 150 bucks over ten months. Did you cut much spending? What if you considered not spending as much as you wanted to a cut?

You want to buy that snazzy new pair of shoes. You balk at the $250 price tag.  Instead, you go to the discount store and buy the knockoffs. You pay a cool $87 instead.  Can you claim you saved $163?  That is how Congress saves money.  If they do not spend as much as they thought, or if spending does not go up as much as planned, it is a cut.

No wonder we have such a low opinion of our Government.

Vote them out.  All of them. We must have term limits.


Greybeard said...

I want my freedom!
And I agreed with EVERY word, right up to that last sentence.
Vote 'em all out?
Yeah, I feel pretty much the same way right now.
But I'd also like the chance to continue voting for someone who is doing EXACTLY the job I want her/him to do, and term limits would take away that freedom...

I know... like drug addicts we cannot help ourselves so we have to pass more laws, right?


Ed Bonderenka said...

"We must have term limits. "
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
I'm with Greybeard.
Let me keep and reward the proven ones

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

To impose term limits is to surrender to the idea that the electorate cannot be trusted to throw the bastards out when they start acting like overlords instead of servants.

Which is unfortunately the case these days.

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