August 17, 2011

Scratchin' my head here, boss

Hump day is upon us. It is also the first day of school. There were some dragging asses around the old homestead this mroning. I got up a few minutes early and made the boy his favorite breakfast -- cinnamon rolls. That improved his spirits somewhat as he begins his senior year in high school.

It seems like yesterday I was posting stories about him playing in Little League. Now we are thinking about college and graduation.  He had his senior pictures taken earlier this week. It is crazy how time flies.

I read an editorial in the local paper by Clintonista and liberal Donna Brazile yesterday.According to her  "[w]e can't lose sight of the real role of government -- to protect us from greed". You know, I went back and reread the entire Constitution last night. You would think that if the role of government was to protect us from greed, that the word "greed" would appear at least one time in the Supreme Law of the Land. I looked up the Indiana Constitution as well.  You know what, it does not mention greed either.

You see, that is the problem with your modern liberal. They hate the Constitution. They like the idea of a "living document" so they can decide the law is whatever they want it to be. It is no accident it is most often the progressive/socialist/communist type governments that move to dictatorship.


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Mockingbird said...

And if a communist should come to my door, he shall be ducttaped and thrown in the flood control canal where the alligators dwell.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we give stupid people the credit they deserve. Being stupid is hard work. I can send you to some blogs to prove my theory.

James Old Guy

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