September 1, 2011

Dear Andre Carson

Is it true that some of the liberal Democrats who are members of the Congressional Black Caucus just want to rape white women?

While some may not actually want to rape every white woman, your policies of increasing Governmental control of our daily lives and unsustainable debt amount to rape. I stand by my position.

What?  Why would that offend you?

BTW, I think I heard some unnamed members of the Congressional Black Caucus shouting "Cracker" while walking on the Congressional grounds last year after the Obamacare vote.


Rita said...

Carson just proved who and what he is. I lying hateful racist. The outrage is growing and his half-assed apology won't do it. I don't want an apology, I want his letter of resignation.

Joe said...

That will never happen. h eis just following the legacy of his corrupt, race-baiting Grandma.

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