September 19, 2011

Perfect Breaded Pork Tenderloin

Here we are, dear readers, facing a dreary Monday. I hope you had a good weekend.  If yours was anything like mine, it was entirely too short. It seems like the weekend is only 2/5 as long as the work week.

Let's see, the yard is mowed, the weeds eradicated, the bushes are trimmed. The Cubs suck, but we will soon be done with their portion of the MLB season. The Colts suck, but their season is barely underway. I feel like I am living in 1993 again. As one pundit opined last week, is it possible Manning could be considered the MVP when not even talking a snap? For the most part, this is the same team that flirted with a perfect season in 2009/10, minus one important player. Ponder that.

It rained most of the night and the sky is filled with dark pregnant clouds this morning. We need the rain, but the whole atmosphere seems completely fall-like.

I used up what passes for good writing (the bar is set purposely low) last week, so just insert your own pithy closing here.

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Ralphd00d said...

Not even 6am here yet, and already you make me crave a breaded pork tenderloin. Sad part is, I can't find a good one here in AZ.

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