September 13, 2011

Reading for fun and profit

I know for certain most of you sit around thinking about me. I get it. Your first action after turning on your modern computing device and connecting to the interwebz is to click the link connecting you to this source of wisdom, humor, and guide to living the perfect life.*

As such, I am sure most of you wonder what I have been reading, but are too shy to ask. I am more than aware my awesomeness invokes a sense of unworthiness and timidity in my gentle readers.  You might see yourself akin to the humble supplicants Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion before Oz. But I am no man behind the curtain, you do not need to bow before the Great and Powerful Wizard that is the Hoosierboy Average Joe. Ask away, good readers! We are friends here. I will require of you no deeds of heroism. I do not hide behind flash and flame.

It has been a while since I last reported my daily reading habits. I have completed 54 books since I received my Kindle last Christmas. Here is the list of books and authors since I last reported in June:

The Graduate                             by Charles Webb
Midnight Cowboy                           James Lee Herlihy
Fighting the Flying Circus                 Eddie Rickenbacker
Hilda the Wicked Witch                  Paul Kater
Hilda - Snow White Revisited          Paul Kater
Eyewall                                           HW "Buzz" Bernard
Cadillac's Comin'                             Mike Dennis
Social Blunders                               Tim Sandlin
Carte Blanche                                 Jeffery Deaver
Don't Mean Nuthin'                         Ron Lealos
The Love You Crave                      John Locke
No Merci                                       Ron Lealos
Einstein' Refrigerator                       Steve Silverman
The Virginian                                  Owen Wister

I am currently in the midst of the Legends of King Aurthur by Sir James Knowles. It is tough sledding, but once i get used to the rhythm of the language I enjoy it more. It is one of those books easy to put down and hard to pick up, if you know what I mean. I have more than 90 other tomes waiting in queue to be read, so I do not have to suffer through books I do not want to read.

What are you reading?

* Or maybe not


Freddie said...

I'm actually reading a book on Helen Keller right now. I bought it at the library's used book sale a while back. It's missing pages 1-18.

Guess I'll pick those up later, somewhere - somehow.

I'll be doing a lot more reading now that ballet's back in session and Nutcracker rehearsals have begun. I used to use that time to simply soak up silence.

Jean said...

Recently read:

Pearl, by Mary Gordon.
Stormy Weather, bio of Lena Horne by James Gavin.
Black Hawk Down, by Mark Bowden.
The Prince of Tides, by Pat Conroy.
The Testament, by John Grisham.
Capote a biography, by Gerald Clarke.
Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham.
Mirror Lake, by Thomas Christopher Greene.
John Muir, Apostle of Nature, by Thurman Wilkins.
A Good Man Is Hard To Find (short story collection) by, Flannery O'Connor.
Dead Man Walking by, Sister Helen Prejean.
Jane Goodall, The Woman Who Redefined Man, by Dale Peterson.

You can feel sorry for me, Joe. I had to lift the books and turn pages.

p.s. new pic up there makes me chuckle.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Read the Rickenbacker book online after you last mentioned it. Thanks.
Other than that, magazines and blogs.
I'm about to go on vacation and so I'm wondering what to read.

Joe said...

Of the books listed above "Eyewall" was pretty good. It is about a hurricane. It souns boring but is full of adventure -- it reads like a movie.

You like the pic, eh Jean? He is one of my boyhood heroes (the previous picture was of one of my all time heroes). I am sure at some time the "General" will be back.

Ralphd00d said...

I read through a sci-fi series by Christopher Stasheff (Wizard in Rhyme). currently plodding thru a trilogy by John Varley of three books: 'Titan', 'Wizard', and 'Demon'. I lined up over 3000 ebooks to eventually go thru and decide what to read as well....

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