September 7, 2011

Secret White House Papers

Hoosierland Intelligence Agency operatives have managed to steal The Obama's crib notes for his big jobs speech tomorrow. These are his notes in case the Teleprompter and the teleprompter backup goes down.

Here are the bullet points:

Good evening Fellow Travellers Americans
Bush's fault.
Things worse than we knew.
GOP fault.
Grand Compromise.
Greedy rich Americans fault (corporate jets / millionaires and billionaires not paying fair share)
Bankers fault
Tax credits for those who do not pay taxes.
Rich people do not pay their fair share.
GOP fault
Stimulus (Construction job bank/schools/infrastructure).
Green jobs.
Green Energy (mention GOP wants dirty air, water, unsafe food)
ObamaCare will save the day
Spend / tax/ spend
Tsunami/Arab Spring/Earthquake/Hurricane/fault.
Blame the GOP. .
Spread the wealth
Bush's Fault
Tea Party hate at fault
 There you have it.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Did you just post a copy of his last speech by mistake?

Irish said...

Thats classic! I must steal to piss off my lib friends :)

CnC said...

Thanks Joe, you ruin the show for me by giving away the plot line, now I gotta find something else to do besides watching his load of crap speech / :-0

Jim - PRS said...

You nailed it.

Fred said...

"...mention GOP wants dirty air, water, unsafe food"

Dude, you're crackin' me up today.

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