September 11, 2011

September 11

If you need a to be reminded of the significance of this day, then you will find nothing here.  Not today or any day.

Reflect as you see fit.


Rita said...

Do I NEED it? Well no, I do not. Did I want it, well yes. I have an overwhelming desire to connect with people who were affected by the most tragic event that happened in my lifetime.

I suppose we all have to grieve in our own way.

I'm feeling more than a little raw on this anniversary, so hopefully you'll understand when I read a comment from someone I have respected telling me "no comment".

I'm assuming that's not exactly how you meant this to come across, but man, it sure feels like that to me right now.

Maybe tomorrow I'll read it and I'll feel differently.

God Bless you my friend.

Joe said...

Rita -- I woke this morning with the thought my words were wrong. I wrote the original version last week. I have changed it to say more accurately my thoughts.

Joe said...

Plus, there are many posts in the blog world saying far better than I ever could memories of that infamous day.

Rita said...

I've read your posts long enough to know how I read it was not what you were trying to relate.

Of course there are manu posts that have beautifully written words, but I find the inspiration of the ordinary citizen and how they started America's most horrible of days thinking it would be just another forgotten Tuesday.

It's our common reaction. The disbelief, the sense of fear, the increasing anger and our ability to continue on.

I made the mistake of reading Krugman today. Of course he blocked any comments to his vile article. Someone explain to me why people that hate America so much continue to live here and hate the freedom that allow them to say disgusting things.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Someone explain to me why people that hate America so much continue to live here"
Misery loves company. The wanna make us miserable. It's easier for them than moving.

Rita said...

I'd gladly pony up the dough to rid America of the Krugman blight. Hell, I'll even pay to have someone hogtie the bastard up and toss him over to his Iranian buddies. Anyone else willing to donate to a good cause?

Jean said...

He'd never leave, Rita. He couldn't get away with his verbal crap anywhere else.

Rita said...

Of course he couldn't Jean, that's why it's so I get so riled up over the people who are afforded their freedoms of spouting vile crap seem to be the ones enjoying it most.

It takes all I can do to remember their evil speech is still protected speech. No different than those burn-in-hell Westboro scum.

Ed Bonderenka said...

People are free to speak as they will.
They are also free to duck if they say it close enough.

Rita said...

Good one Ed. And while my wimpy little fist wouldn't hurt that scum, I'll bet my knee to his (un)manly-parts sure would.

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