September 2, 2011

Sie Mich Zum Flughafen

I had the strangest dream this morning. It was entirely in German. I could speak it (slowly yet perfectly) and understand every syllable spoken to me. In real life, my German consists of please, thank you, beer, airport, and counting to seven. I also know a few curse words. I cannot understand anything said to me. But in my dream I sure could. Is it possible there is hidden knowledge deep in my genes from my German ancestors? Drei Bier, bitte. Perhaps the whole thing stems from visiting the land of the Cheeseheads this week.  I had a great dinner of knackwurst and bratwurst and kraut one night.

It looks like we are going to see some serious heat again today, with the temperatures expected to hit 100. I know folks in Texas and Arizona are just laughing.

Based on a phone message I got last night, it looks like I am going into the long weekend on a downer.  I suspect I am about to lose a chunk of business from a major customer. I will know later today. If this happens I will be able to take some small comfort in the knowledge the decision was not based on anything I did or could have done. It is just business, but pride does come into play and it is my job to grow business, not let it slip away on my watch like a deserter out the back door of the barracks.


Jean said...

Damn, that's going to impact your business projection report, eh?

My last employer had a third lay-off in August. Almost 50% of their workforce now gone. We were all hoping September would be the pick-up month but, now all are thinking they'll (we'll) be lucky to see daylight in January.

Joe said...

Sadly Jean, it looks like the economy is heading South again.

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