September 26, 2011

Sorry 'Bout That

Sometimes I take poetic license. Occasionally I get carried away. Usually I amuse myself to no end. I might have gotten a bit over the top with yesterday's installment.

It rained yesterday. It rained a lot. Chuck, the TV weather guy, claimed we got more rain yesterday than all of July and August combined. Of course it is a matter of perspective. When I went outside and took a piss on August 2nd, there was more precipitation on the yard than there was in all of July.

I didn't really take a leak outside, but you get my drift. It was a rather dry summer.

There was some interesting football yesterday.  The Colts still suck, and the Steelers really are not that good. Rapersburger seems to hold the ball a long time and the Indy secondary is gawd-awful. How is it possible that Pittsburgh receivers can catch the ball and no Colts defenders are even in the TV picture? This happened more than once! The Patriot lost to the feaking Bills.

I made the wife some sugar cookies -- not the slice and bake kind either. I mixed up the dough myself and baked them. It made her a happy girl. BTW, she is feeling much better. I am a decent cook, but baking is not my favorite of kitchen activities. I can do it, but I find the exact measuring and detailed recipes a bit tedious. I cook more by taste a smell and look  I prefer the stovetop to the oven. You cannot operate by the seat of your pants when baking.

Work beckons. have a great Monday.


CnC said...

I liked yesterday's blog, course I have a warped imagination as you can tell with some of the crap I write.

LeeAnn said...

I also liked yesterday's post, and I can hear you in there now saying "Well, if you liked it, why didn't you comment on it THEN? Dork."
I deserved that.
I was jealous. My interior monkeys just eat cheesy poofs and fart a lot.

Jean said...

It's the surprise of 'what will he do today' that keeps me coming back.
Never disappointing.

Dave said...

My favorite method of cooking is the grill. If I have to cook inside, I love the crock pot.

johndeerebilly said...

you prolly get out of the shower to piss in the toilet......please say it ain't up my hero !

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