September 16, 2011

Why the Tea Party and Conservatism will lose

It is over. We have lost the war to return to a limited Government.

Do not get me wrong,  full-on socialism has not yet engulfed our beachhead, but the waves of collective nanny state big government are inching forward in an inexorable tide.

We will win more elections. Maybe even the next one. There are some young conservatives on the Supreme Court. There will be some reforms and some roll backs, The States will hold out for a while.

But there is no denying we are in the midst of the Conservative equivalent of the Battle of the Bulge. In 1944 Hitler gambled on one last great offensive to to beat back the British and Americans. He faced steady pressure from the Soviets in the East and he hoped to defeat the Western Allies in a big battle to allow him to find a peace in the West and concentrate on defeating the real enemy -- the USSR. Even Hitler knew socialism was the real danger! In reality, the War was lost, but the mighty Huns put up a big fight to stave off the inevitable.

That is where we are today in America in our fight against Socialism. Newsweek claimed after The Obama victory we were all Socialists now and sadly, they were right.  The victory is in sight. It will just take another decade or so to tally the final victory.

Yesterday I read in my local paper a story that confirms my dire analysis.  A regional foodbank is combining with the schools to provide meals for "hungry" children on the weekends. Kids that qualify for "free" lunch will get a pack containing food for six meals when they leave school on Friday afternoon.  This means we, the taxpayers, are providing 16 of 21 meals a week. In return we are teaching a whole generation of young parents -- and more importantly -- the children, that the Government is there to provide your every need.

How do you teach a young girl or boy to work hard and to be self-reliant when the counter message screams loud and clear -- do nothing and others will provide?  They go home and see a family life where welfare checks and food stamps are the norm.  They live in homes where the Mom or Dad does not work.  Many do not even try. These kids are the future.  Today's elementary school children are tomorrow's voters. Most people do not like to give up the freebies. We have lost the war for the heart and minds of future generations.

Less you think this is just over-reaction to an isolated incident, consider in my wife's kindergarten classroom. All but four kids get breakfast served at school.  Dumping some milk into a bowl of dry cereal is too much for their parents to handle of a morning. The schools, through the Feds (thus from your taxes and my taxes) even provides lunch in the summer! There is a health clinic in the middle school providing "free" healthcare to any student on free or reduced lunch. How can any student not think the role of Government is to provide their needs? When free food and medicine is provided, can housing be far behind?

More Americans than ever are on food stamps.  We the taxpayer are paying for meals for these "hungry" youngsters already.  We give enough to feed the family in foodstamps, with no deductions for the breakfast and lunch provided by the schools. Now we are covering the weekend eats. Will there be a corresponding reduction in food stamp payments? I think we all know the answer.

The tales of food stamp abuse are legion.  I am sure there is not one of us who has not stood in line at the grocery to buy our hamburger and generic foodstuffs while the couple in front bought steak with food stamps. Anecdote is not data, but it happens enough to make it reality.

I begrudge no human a meal. The notion of starving and hungry kids makes me almost weep in frustration. In the local school system nearly 50% of the students are on free or reduced lunch. In a survey taken at registration, more than 80% indicated they have internet access at home. I would further bet most of those families have cable and cell phones. This county boasts some of the highest smoking rates in the state and nation. Yet, I am asked to pay for food for these same families. I am surely missing something? Do we now live in a society where cell phones and internet are deemed necessities?

We are done, finished. The Roman Emperors learned the way to stay in power was to give the populace free bread and circuses. The modern left hates religion and Christians ion particular.  Can the spectacle of the Colosseum be far in the future?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Colosseum? Television.

Rita said...

Hope into that local casino of yours and tell me who's sitting there, hours on end puffing cigarettes.

I know who's there. I've been down your way. It's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

But they have some good food there.

Me, I'm not smart enough (or too smart) to play the games


Rita said...

That was supposed to be "hop" not "hope" although that's pretty fitting too. I used to like the place when it was in the temporary shelter, when it moved it was too bright, too smokey, just too much. Bob hits the place every couple of weeks and I just enjoy my solitude at home. We head down to French Lick every couple of months or so, but then again I have family down that way.

But, "your" casino gets a great deal of the "city" traffic. I enjoy a few slots in southern IN, but I know when to walk away and that's a world of difference than those who are spending their welfare checks day after day there.

Joe said...

My oldest boy wasa valet parker at the "temp" place whe nthe yfirst opened. He made some good money, but ran his rear off.

Dave said...

Someone I know used to live in a crappy neighborhood. The worst of foodstamp abuse isn't buying steak with it. It is the offering to buy someone else groceries with your foodstamp debit card if you'll reimburse them for half purchase amount in cash.

Dave said...

I found out one of the local elementary schools in our town is sending food home with a few select kids. The food is privately funded. I choose to be an optomist. If anyone ever finds out, they'll ask why do we have food stamps if schools have free lunch, and send food home with poor kids on the weekends.

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