October 30, 2011

All we need is some Donovan in the background

I am in one of those moods today. As I stood in the kitchen I sipped my coffee.  I looked out the window on the door to the deck. The eastern sky was painted in shades of lemon and orange as the rising sun crouched below the horizon. Above, shades of blue deepened as I looked further heavenward. I thought it would be nice to sit on the deck and drink my morning brew. The thermometer on the old iPhone told me it was a brisk 29 F out there.  I decided to drink my morning coffee at my desk.

Mom did not raise two idiots.  (haha take that Otter).


Otter said...

It's Sunday - Why do you have to be a hater....?

marcus said...

I bet it's not coffee Joe is drinking.
I bet it's.....Haterade!

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