October 28, 2011

A blog full of Spammy goodness

I love Spam -- the ham-like meat product, not the internet kind. The former I just might fry up for lunch today. Lots of the latter arrived in my comments yesterday. The food Spam comes in convenient cans.  The comment spam came by the bucket loads.  Seriously, yesterday brought a veritable flood of comment spam to my site. Luckily, the filter caught it, and it was a mere click or two to make it go away, but WTH? It was not all attracted by one single post, but a blanket covering recent entries and those from the murky distant past.

Usually I get three or four comment spams in a 24 hour period.  Yesterday saw ten times the number show up in my comment spam filter.

What good can it do to drop spam comments on a post four or five years old, that gets no traffic? Will some of you interwebz experts enlighten me?  I really do not understand the marketing concept. I see the potential of dumping an internet advertisement on a post others might read.  I think the return at this old blog is pretty low, advertising-wise. I understand it is quantity versus quality. If you can get your ad to six people, so be it. Putting your ad (or spam, if you will) on a blog that gets maybe 80 hits on a good day, on a post five years old is the equivalent of investing in a billboard on a untraveled gravel road in the hinterlands of Sheridan County, Nebraska.

Call me perplexed. Call me confused. Call me for lunch -- if you are having Spam.


CnC said...

you sound like my brother, he loves that stuff. We used to have it a lot when we were kids, because we couldn't afford real meat. I havn't touched the stuff since I didn't have to anymore. Mike still loves to have his fried Spam samich!

marcus said...

It's real meat, just not real good meat. Coming up, we had spam and sauer kraut, spam and mac&cheses, spam and pork n beans.

What I did not like, to the point of hurling, was the aspic on top of the spam after you used the special key to roll back the top of the can...

Dave said...

The comment spammer is trying to raise the search engines ranking of the page they are linking. And search engines rate sites by the number of links in and out, not the amount of traffic the site receives.

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