October 21, 2011

Gadhafi cracked corn and I don't care

 I do not care if Gadhafi is dead either..

The evil Mohamar is sleeping with the fishes. Or the deserty equivalent of sleeping with the fishes.

So what?

America is no more dangerous or safer than it was before Gadhafi assumed room temperature. Gadhafi quit being a thorn in our side after Reagan bombed him.  Gadhafi became an old junk yard dog, growling in the corner after we kicked his buddy Saddam's ass. Even a dictator can read writing on the wall.

So why are we involved in Libya anyway? What is it to us?  Why are we not hearing the Cindy Sheehans and the Democrats in general shrieking and moaning about our little illegal war? If Bush had violated the War Powers Act like The Obama has,  we would already be deep in impeachment hearings, the Evening Anchors purple with apoplexy over the administration. What is the vital American interest at stake?


I fully expect to see protests in Washington, mourning the death of Gadhafi, just as we saw when Hussein reached ambient temperature. I am waiting, breath held in anticipation for the outcry.  I expect Dick the Turban Durban will have a few words to say. I am sure we will see some saggy naked boobies from  the Code Pinkers.

Any minute now...

You cannot say hypocrite without invoking a filthy hippy, so I am not surprised we hear nought but crickets chirping.


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Libya will quickly become a land of culture, peace and flowers.
James Old Guy

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