October 14, 2011

How to lose a Republic in a few easy steps

We all know the Democrat Party is the Party of Big Government. The far-left wing has taken over in recent years. In the past few weeks we have seen prominent Democrats propose tyranny of the worst sort. The Democrat Governor of North Carolina proposed suspending Congressional Elections. Jesse Jackson Jr. suggested the Obama just ignore Congress and act by fiat to implement his agenda.

I have stated often I do not believe history repeats itself. As a student of history I am aware there are lessons in the past that show us how to interpret the present. It was but a short step from a republic to a dictatorship in ancient Rome. The Senate determined it was easier and more expedient to appoint a consul to handle the reigns of Government during a time of crisis. We all know the wheels of Democracy turn slowly.

Over time every day emergencies became crises and soon the very act of decision making was a crisis.  The next thing old Julius led his army across the Rubicon and the Empire was born. We saw a similar scenario in the rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe, Castro and Chavez as they become leaders for life. Tyranny and loss of freedom always begins with suspension of elections or by giving increased and extra-constitutional powers to a single individual.   Hell, for you kids that do not study history, look to the plot of the first three episodes of Star Wars, for goodness sake.

It is starting. When the political class starts to ask for the protections of freedom to be subverted in the name of expediency, the Republic is lost. That duly elected representatives who have sworn to uphold the Constitution would suggest such actions is beyond my comprehension.

That there is no immediate hue and cry to recall these elected officials just saddens me.


Ed Bonderenka said...

What IS the "hue and cry" mechanism these days?
You and I (and others) blogging and commenting?
I think it starts like that, works it's way up to call-ins to radio shows, the hosts taking up the call and Fox News taking it from there.
Hounds, torches and pitchforks (and placards) don't get it done anymore.
Unless you camp out in an urban park, go topless, don't bathe, don't have a point, smoke dope. Then someone will pay attention.

Ed Bonderenka said...

" recall these elected officials"
The idiots who voted them in are quite content that they stay there.
I wish those of us affected outside of their districts could sue to have them removed, or arrested, or both.

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