October 27, 2011

Mumbling rants directred at the stray marmots in the neighborhood

I spent some time this morning writing a post. This is not it.

After proof reading and fixing the typos and correcting the spelling, I realized the damn thing had no point and made no sense.

I had my usual two cups of coffee, so it was not that. I guess I have some sort of interwebz Turret's this morning. How can it be possible to spend 15 minutes writing a hundred words of complete incomprehensible garbage?

The beginning and end were good though. There is that. I think I will blame my inability to form a coherent thought on complete despondency over a certain frog princess closing up her blog. Yeah, that is the answer.

Yesterday was seasonably warm, albeit a tad windy.  I considered spending my lunch hour burning a quality hand-rolled stogie. Instead I took the opportunity to walk and exercise. Now today is cold and rainy. I suppose I will give myself a couple of credit points for doing the right thing.

Gotta go, the work phone is ringing...


The Frog Princess said...

Oh, you're good.

Jean said...

We're all in mourning.

CnC said...

Your blog had no point and made no sense? damn you just described 99.9% of my blogs! I hate myself I may never ramble endlessly again!

marcus said...

Joe...Joe....here's what to do.

Put those ortho/NewBalance shoes on, cinch the spandex a bit tighter. Light that ferkin stogie and enjoy it on your ferkin walk!

"Do I have to pull this car over???"

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