October 24, 2011

Thank goodness my cable was out for the whole first half

I have seen some god-awful football teams in my day. Last night was the worst effort by any team in my life.  The Colts could not have beaten a mid-major college football team with their effort last night.

At the half, the coach said the players were not executing, could not do the "little things" right.  I say the coaches did not prepare the team. Despite being down 34-7 at half, the coaches made no adjustments, they stuck to the anemic offense and inept defense that has kept them winless this season.

If the Team does not ax the Defensive Coordinator TODAY, then it is clear they are not serious. The players have about 20 combined Pro Bowl appearances among them, these guys know how to do the little things.

Changes have to be made, if only for changes' sake.


Anonymous said...

That was pretty ugly.
James Old Guy

Samm Hein said...

You REALLY don't want to get me started on what a SUCK-tacular year the Dolts are having!

diamond dave said...

Seems like they have problems that go far beyond being Peyton-less. Even if His Manning-ness were playing, I somehow doubt they'd be winning very many games this year.

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