October 10, 2011

Wake Up

There are some people who like to make lists.  They put the "Pro" on one side and the "Con" on the other and tally the results to reach a decision.

The "Occupiers" are against the capitalist economic model. Here is a partial list of the nations that have and/or are attempting to use a anti-capitalist economic model:

Zimbabwe, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela (and previously) The USSR, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Laos, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland and East Germany -- among others.

In each case the nations that tried to live in an anti-capitalist economic system ended up with poorer living conditions, tyranny and a thriving (re: capitalist) black market.

Unless you are truly a die-hard Marxist you understand the east Germans did not build that wall to keep out the flood of capitalists from West Berlin? Those boatloads of people who left S.E Asia and Cuba -- they were not leaving a worker's paradise to come somewhere where the standard of living was worse did they? Were they seeking less freedom and a lower standard of living?

Here is the list of successful anti-capitalist economies:


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