October 9, 2011

Yep, I agree

It is Sunday.  I stayed up way too late reading. I am mildly angry at myself.  I always do that -- rush to finish a book.  I want to get finished, but am sad when I am. So, I have knocked of three books in just over a week and am wondering what to read next. They were the first three installments of Michael Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer series. I have never been a big fan of mystery/crime thrillers, but these books kept me flipping the pages. Well, pushing buttons on my Kindle, anyway.  They were part of a three volume set I bought cheap.

I am pleased to know this author has a bunch more books available. If you have kept up with the program you will know I like to read the heck out of an author once I find one I like. Unfortunately, many times I read faster than the guy (or gal) can write or else the author has had the unspeakable bad grace to die before I become bored with his works.Such is life.

I read a few pages of a Mickey Mantle biography while eating my breakfast. I may keep on with that. Perhaps I will jump back into a western or two.  Maybe I will go with something more contemporary. I don't know and I am certain you don't care. I scored the Mantle book free on the Kindle just after it was published.  If you watch the internet there is some good free stuff out there!

There is nothing of significance on tap for today, just the kind of day a lazy bastid like me enjoys most. I mowed the yard Thursday evening and spent most of yesterday doing yard work.  I trimmed the bushes (I hope for the last time this year) and cut down the flower beds. I put some stuff in the attic.

Rereading this post, I can imagine all three of you saying to yourselves "so, what?" I say, look at the title.


Erica said...

I am amazed that there is one person in the world who still has an attention span, in this era of computers, gadgetry and apps, who can read as voraciously as you do. Yesterday, I picked up the same Civil War tome I've been reading for a couple of years and read the one chapter I've been trying to plow through for months. It's a good book -- very well written -- but something always beckons me away...a text, email, sleep...I wish I could focus better. A pair of blinders would do me a world of good. Not to mention an electrical zap every time I get distracted. I'd get more accomplished that way.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Yep, I just put down "a Different Drummer" to read blogs.
I did just finish: "The War that Killed Achilles".
A great explanation of the Illiad. Now I've got to read that again.

Joe said...

I read at lunch time. I read in the evening. A couple of hours a day can move you through a lot of words. I often break up a tough non-fiction book by reading some fiction in between. It is not unusual for me to have three or more books going at once, but in different genres.

I balance those hard to pick up and easy to put down tomes with light forgettable stuff.

When you spend a night or two sitting in a hotel room every week, it is easy to read a lot. I learned a long time ago spending every night at the bar when traveling was a bad idea. Often there is nothing on TV I want to watch, so I read. Too many times(especially in my youth) I would choose reading over sleeping. I pay for it these days.

I still only get about six hours of sleep a night, though.

Ralphd00d said...

I enjoyed Connelly's books as well. I recently finished 'The Reversal'. Another one I enjoy is John Sandford, with his Lucas Davenport character, and another of Virgil Flowers.

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