November 1, 2011

Dear OWS and anti-capitalists the world over

Let me see if I have this right.  Capitalism = bad. We need to go to a pure form of socialism, or something that is not capitalist in nature.  Perhaps collectivism, communism, or some other -ism.

Behold! That place exists.  I invite you to compare and contrast. Where would you really rather live:
This is the Koreas, in case you failed Geography

'Nuff said. Now clean up your mess. Go home. Find something productive to do.  If you cannot find work then volunteer somewhere. E-mail me if you need a list of organizations that need help.


Dave said...

I'll be more specific. Go find a job, any job, even if it only pays minimum wage. Once you have the job, do you best at it, no matter how boring or mundane it is. Channel the energy you're currently putting into protesting into finding a better job.

Eventually, when you're almost ready to give up, you'll find that better job. If that job still isn't what you were looking for, keep at it.

Everyone has a vision in college what they're going to do when they get out. Some people actually wind up doing that. A lot of us don't.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

53% of "the 99%" are paying 100% of the freight for everyone with 0% government representation or thanks when they are plundered to support the goldbrickers...This is unsustainable.
As for the picture, cockroaches don't like light, so the effect's gonna be lost on the Occupation hippies.

CnC said...

N. Korea used to have building facades that faced the south. they had lights in the windows that were all turned on and off with one big switch. didnt look too convincing to turn a whole building off at the same time, much less the fact that the "buildings were just walls facing south.
We see how well socialism works in parts of Europe, why would we want that shit here? I guess that's what they teach in college now

Anonymous said...

The kiddie crusaders are a political tool now. I don't believe we will see them decamp in the near future.

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