November 28, 2011

H20 No!

This is where we are headed. The bureaucrats know everything. The Nanny State will decide, even if it defies common sense. It is people like this who want to control your healthcare. That idea sure makes me sleep better.

EU says drinking water does not prevent dehydration.


Anonymous said...

another example of you can' fix stupid.
James Old Guy

Cappy said...

A chemist was having lunch with distinguished Liberal Shitfuck Senator Sherrod Brown.

The chemist tells the waiter I'll have a glass of H20.

Sen. Brown sez I'll have a glass of H20 too.

The waiter brings the drinks. They both drink up. Senator Brown drops dead.

Idiot. thinks the chemist.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Cappy: LOL

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